Sable Wealth

We are committed to bringing a new era of financial services to foreign nationals based in the UK. 

The individual circumstances of our clients - with respect to your tax status, mobility and specific attitudes -  require niche planning. Our focus is on helping you earn, save, and invest your money as efficiently as possible. 

About Sable Wealth

Few people become wealthy by accident. That's because wealth creation is not just about earning power - but rather the effective implementation of a clear strategy over time.

We are here to help you develop and implement a wealth strategy that fits with all phases of your earnings cycle. As part of this process, we look at all aspects of your personal financial situation, to ensure that you maximise your financial opportunities while also managing your risks. 

To create a really effective financial plan, we take into account your domicile and residence status, your risk profile, and your mobility and flexibility requirements. 

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What we can do for you

We can help in any of these ways:
  • Optimise your earnings through tax reduction
  • Maximise the various UK tax breaks and allowances (ISAs, pensions, Capital Gains, etc.)
  • Tailor a low-cost, diversified investment portfolio around your specific needs. This would incorporate a diversified set of assets classes like equity, bonds, property, hedge funds, commodities, etc.
  • Source mortgages for anyone with unique and unusual requirements - whether you live in the UK or abroad 
  • Assess your individual insurance cover needs, taking into consideration cost, flexibility and mobility
  • Create a full financial plan that covers your short-, medium- and long-term requirements
  • And many more. See our Products and services page for all the ways in which we can assist you, and all the information on each service.